Developer / About us

The all-Czech development company, PASSERINVEST GROUP, is especially connected with the administrative and multipurpose complex of BB Centrum in Prague 4. Nevertheless, the initial activities of the company tied to its beginnings focused on residential projects in Královské Vinohrady.

In their development projects, PASSERINVEST GROUP concentrates especially on the function of the land where the construction is planned and where the project will be created; in other words, they always develop the urban concept of every piece of land. The projects created in the developer's “workshop” always reflect all aspects of the area, integrating old and newly built-up areas and combining the modern elements of architecture with its functionality and design. Then the outcome is always pleasing to the eye now, and so will be in the future.

Radim Passer, Chairman of the Board of PASSERINVEST GROUP, expects that, in the coming five to seven years, office projects will continue to constitute a major part of the company’s operations, but residential projects will also make up a steadily increasing proportion of activities. As the company meticulously follows the overall development on the residential and administrative markets, their residential as well as administrative projects rank among the top products on the development market.