Purchase Procedure

Verbal Reservation

  • Verbal Reservation is non-binding and it is made for a period of five working days. Within this time limit, the interest in the purchase must be asserted by the signature of Reservation Agreement.
  • This reservation is made on condition that the interested person has stated their name and contact data. Should the interest in making reservation be expressed by more than one interested persons at a time, they shall be registered in chronological order, starting with the first person to have contacted Seller.
  • Written reservation

  • Written Reservation is binding, which implies that should Client withdraw of their own will, Reservation Fee forfeits as compensation for the costs incurred. The binding reservation is made by the signature of Reservation Agreement.
  • Reservation Fee is CZK 75,000, and it is included in Purchase Price of the property. Reservation Fee shall have been paid – by ten working days following the signature of Reservation Agreement – by Client into the account whose number is stated in the heading of Reservation Agreement, with the number of the apartment understood as the variable symbol.

Client Changes

  • Client Changes – selection of above-standard or alternative standard specifications – may not be implemented, the reason being that the construction has been completed and officially approved. A Client Change, if any, is entirely individual and may be made upon agreement of all the parties involved in the implementation of construction work.

Purchase Agreement

  • The building has been completed and the building number has been assigned; in consequence, the signature may be appended to Purchase Contract (PC) and the proposal for the registration in the appropriate Cadastre of Real Estate may be submitted. The PC precisely specifies the subject of the conveyance and its price. Prior to the signature of the PC and the delivery of the apartment for use, Client shall have paid the remaining part of Purchase Price.