Service Facilities


In proximity of the Residential Park Baarova and in its immediate surroundings you can find a number of basic schools such as BS Bítovská and BS Poláčkova. Moreover, the Christian Basic School Elijáš opened in 2010, one year after the opening of the Christian Elijáš Kindergarden. You can also find the Community Centre in BB Centrum, which provides room for cultural and spiritual enrichment. Aside from holding services, it offers pastoral and counselling assistance, along with organising exhibitions, concerts and various educational programmes.


Health care

Your health will also be looked after in immediate proximity to your home. There are dentists and gynaecologists in BB Centrum as well as the Santé private health facility. Moreover, Novus Optik provides its services in the Brumlovka shopping arcade, and the Budějovická health centre is also within easy reach.



Thanks to BB Centrum, you will find a wide range of financial institutions ready to look after your money or account, in immediate proximity. Several cash dispensers are in operation right in the administrative complex of BB Centrum.


Convenient shopping

The nearby BB Centrum has greatly enriched the area of Michle in recent years with a large number of shops and services. It is especially the shopping mall Brumlovka or FILADELFIE that offers a wide range of brand-named goods in a variety of shops. The DBK centre located near the Budějovická Metro Station is within walking distance, the shopping centre Arkády Pankrác is only a few minutes away by car, and so is the largest shopping centre in the Czech Republic, known as Shopping Centre Chodov.



Prague 4 is very rich in restaurants and cafés. A great number of these can be found directly in BB Centrum (Italian and vegetarian restaurants in Brumlovka, and an Asian restaurant in Building FILADELFIE), in addition to a wide variety of nearby catering facili ties suitable for family Sunday lunch, an evening party with friends or with business appointments.


Sports and relaxation

With the wellness and fitness Balance Club Brumlovka within easy reach, you will have an opportunity to do sports and aid relaxation in one of the most luxurious facilities in this country, where there are experts ready to advise you on the best methods to improve your fitness. In addition, you can benefit from the multipurpose sport grounds in Baar Park, where an air-supported dome is available in winter and other easily accessible facilities.