Traffic Access

The Residential Park Baarova, planned for construction in immediate proximity to the BB Centrum, boasts extremely easy and convenient access. You will always get home on time and you can be sure that your guests, business partners and relatives will never lose their way, always arriving happily at their destination.

Going by car along the D1 Motorway towards Brno, take Exit Michle and turn left at the traffic lights to arrive at BB Centrum. The signs will help you to get easily to the Residential Park Baarova.
If you drive in the opposite direction, from Brno, turn right at the lights you have taken Exit Michle. Again, you will arrive to the BB Centrum complex. You can feel comfortable about parking your car anywhere as there are open air car parks as well as garages and, moreover, residents will be provided with parking spaces right in front of their buildings in the residential complex.

It is easy to get home by public transport too – there is a convenient bus service from the Metro C Line Station Budějovická where you can take buses No. 118 and 170 (opposite the Raiffeisenbank building)  taking you directly to the Brumlovka stop. And then it is only a few steps ahead...

You can also use a shuttle service to arrive at the BB Centrum complex. The service is in operation on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm. The buses and stops have the BB Centrum logo in order to be clearly recognised.