Project introduction

The Residential Park Baarova is a new residential project which has been recently completed by the Czech developer PASSERINVEST GROUP. This company is especially connected with the Prague 4 BB Centrum complex, which is a perfect combination of administrative buildings with a range of shops, services, restaurants and a leisure time facility: the wellness and fitness Balance Club Brumlovka. This complex is being further extended now with another residential project, the Residential Park Baarova.

The architectural concept of the new Residential Park Baarova, having 139 apartment units, is of a natural and fluent passage between the original villa area and the nearby modern multipurpose BB Centrum. Presently, the area is sadly lacking an urban concept that would harmonise with these aesthetic elements to form a natural transition and, in view of this, the architectural design is focused on this vision.

The new Residential Park Baarova has risen between Baarova Street, a large park with many leisure time attractions, and U Michelské školy and Telčská streets. This new residential area has been designed as a continuation of the park; it has an inner garden bordering the park, yet it exists independently. The complex thus offers the intimate charm and comfort to all of those who find a new home there.

The complex consists of three separate structures – blocks of flats – with one contemporary internal square between them. The free residential structures are smoothly linked – Theky form a union, communicate together and create an integrated harmonic whole, which guarantees peaceful and contemporary living. The three aboveground structures (A, B and C) have separate entrances. The main reception desk is located in Building A, from where the main path leads to the individual buildings. Each of the buildings can be entered not only from the  street, but also from the park.
The detached campus buildings share a common underground garage with parking bays and storage rooms. The residential komplex will offer 139 one- to five-bedroom apartments with a kitchenette, with an area from 50 to 170 m².

The Residential Park Baarova features the site’s unique shape and a strategically good location – it offers apartments near the centre and, yet, in a quiet and green area, complete with ample service facilities.